Hello world!

Hi, thanks for stopping by and wanting to learn more about me. I am Tracie of The Real Talk with Tracie Show which aires Saturdays at 4pm EST on BlogTalkRadio.com. I thought I should let you into my life and my world, so that you will get to know me, and hopefully understand me and my journey and my motivations in life.

I host talk shows on every topic under the sun, there is no limit to what I will talk with you and to you about, both openly and candidly. Real Talk is just that…I eliminate the bull shit, and get to the real issues. I plan to be the next Oprah of BlogTalkRadio. This simply means I want to be known as someone who listens, and whom you can trust.  I report accurate information and allow you to tell your story, without worry or fear of  feeling like you are on another “Jerry Springer” type show.

I want to stand out from other blogtalkradio shows, and I want to make a difference in the world, in all that I do, and with your help you can help me make that difference. I look forward to getting to know you, as well as allow you to know me. I am as open as I want my guest to be. I have an open door policy with contacting me, you can send a direct email to me at RealTalkTracie@live.com, you can leave a comment on my show page at www.blogtalkradio.com/realtalktracie and you can leave a comment here also.

As you read my blogs, allow yourself to “feel” what my words are saying. Allow your mind to be open to understanding life thru the eyes of Tracie. That is all that I ask of you.

I love you all.



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