What does being a friend really mean?

Have you ever wondered what it really means to be a friend to someone? I mean really be a friend…does it mean you are only there as a listening ear?, does it mean you occassionally get together for drinks, dinner or a movie? does it mean you share some of your deepest most personal fears and thoughts with one another? does it mean that you support them and stand by them in their time of need even if they don’t realize it? or does it mean that you just sit by and do absolutely nothing??!! you watch them go thru turmoil, sadness, hurt and pain, but do nothing more than just offer a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on?

And if you only offer that ear or shoulder does it make you any less of a friend? what defines the boundaries of true friendship anyway? and whose to say when a friend has to only lend a listening ear or soft shoulder? Why can’t being a friend include taking initiative to help when they see it is needed? or is that when we are supposed to wait until the help is asked for? what do you think? Somebody please tell me because I have a friend who is in need of HELP!!!! and it seems that noone is doing anything, not the police/law….I don’t want to see them hurting like they are, and they are dealing with a person whose not playing with a full deck.

Sometimes I want to just scream at them to leave my friend alone!!, other times I want to put them in their place and tell them what I really think of what they are doing to my friend….curse them and all…but do I just be who I am and do it, or do I wait for my hurting friend to give me the ok? will that “ok” ever come??

Things this crazy person has done, and things their family members are capable of doing make my friend afraid to cross them….but I say take away their power and take a stance..speak up, tell their dirty little secret, let them know you will not put up with it anymore… I can only wait for so long before I burst….


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