what is a friend part 2

 Anyway, what is the real definition of a friend? who can answer that??? Is a friend just someone in name only, or is a friend someone who goes thru the ups and the downs with you as if it were their own? When is the line crossed in a friendship? do you just wait for that friend to ask for your help or do you step in when you realize they are going through alot and have noone else appearing to step in to help them? And if you do step in, to what degree do you help? How can a real friend stand by and just offer an “I’m sorry to see you go thru …” and not try to help? How can a real friend just offer a “shoulder for you to cry on” and not offer some kind of solution or advise? OR do you just sit by tapping your fingers on the tabletop and wait for them ask for your help or advise? And if they are sharing something with you, and keep saying “how did I get in this mess…..” or “I don’t know what to do” is that not your que to step in and help them or offer up advise?

Is there a problem guideline, that defines when you should or should not step in? is there a friendship manual we don’t know about?

IF YOUR friend were dealing with a crazy, psycho, obessed, compulsive liar, would you do nothing? would you just say “I hope you get out of it…”? or would you try to do “something”, “anything” to help your friend? Why are “some” people so needy, desperate, pathetic, crazy, psychotic anyway??

What the hell happened to SELF RESPECT, DIGNITY, PRIDE, COMMON SENSE, MATURITY???!!! I have a friend who found themselves caught up in a real life FATAL ATTRACTION of sorts..

I think the person they got caught up in watched Thin Line Between Love and Hate, and Fatal Attraction one too many times and figured they wanted to be that way thinking it would keep or hold on to the person..

Well as Dr. Phil always says….to that CRAZY, PSYCHOTIC, OBESSED, FAKE RELIGION HYPOCRIT I ask “SO HOW’S THAT WORKING FOR YOU?” And to that same PSYCHOTIC, OBESSED, CRAZY, FAKE RELIGION HYPOCRIT, DESPERATE, PATHETIC BEING I say this: YOU NEVER MET A FRIEND LIKE ME, I’M A REAL FREIND TO THE END KIND OF PERSON, AND FEAR NOONE BUT GOD, AND I TOO WATCHED “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”, “Fatal Attraction” and the shit you trying to do and pull, I know the games, I know the script!!! SO NOW YOU NEED TO WATCH “OBESSED”… ENOUGH SAID…for now..


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