happier days for my friend

I must say that God definitely don’t like ugly… I am so happy for my friend, they are finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They can finally smile, get rest, peace and eat…the wicked evil that surrounded them is gone for now…and hoping forever very soon…I can only imagine what one is feeling after having gone thru such a horrific ordeal, alot of foolishness, psychotic behaviors, and insaneties…IF it had been me going thru it I think I would have snapped and had to beat someone down.

I refuse to let someone control my life, or me. I refuse to allow evil to win out and take from me what is rightfully mine. I prayed and hoped that things would work out for my dear friend and it seems that prayers were answered.

We must celebrate their peace of mind, and their small victory…and give thanks to God for seeing thru the evilness and lies and deceit. If you just let God take care of things he will work it out for you.

I will forever support and stand by and behind my friend, because that’s what friends do. When they are wrong I tell them so, when they are right I support them and when they are confused or hurting, I am there for them. and when they are happy and rejoicing I am right there with them rejoicing and happy too.


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