Last minute blog..won’t be typing anything after tonight for a few days

It’s 11:25pm EST, and I have about 35 min left to eat or drink something, and since I already ate my dinner, I am trying to stuff myself with as much water and lemonade as I can stand.. it’s hard waking up in the morning and not being able to drink even a glass of water..I am sleepy but not really able to sleep.. tomorrow is almost here.. I have had a few caring people call me, text me and or email me or reach out to me on facebook… I really appreciate all the supportive and kind words…I know I am not alone, but having breast cancer or any kind of cancer for that matter(i am sure) makes you feel all alone anyway. It would not be sooo bad if I only had the one surgery to go thru, but I have another surgery 3 months later, which will be around Feb. 2010…so even after I start to heal I will have to go thru this once again…and in between those 2 surgeries I have plans to fly out to Los Angeles CA for MLK weekend stepper set(Martin Luther King Weekend) and the doctor encouraged me to keep those plans and go….so I already had planned to not let anything stop me from going. also I should be able to get back to my dancing after a couple of weeks….can  you believe that!!!?? and check this out, I will be in the hospital for only 24 about getting  you in and out !!! unless a complication arises, I will be back home by Friday plenty of RX’s for pain medication given to me today by the doctor, so I know there is alot of pain I will have to overcome. no idea when I will be back at work…I have been off work since Sept. 28th 2009..seems like a long time huh?…guess that ‘s part of my “great benefits” of working for AT&T …yes that is where I work when I am not hosting my radio shows……so I shared something else about Tracie you didn’t know… check back tomorrow evening, I can text and upload from my phone I think. and if I am able to I will if not then I will blog again on Friday. …goodnight


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