so much going on….I forgot to…

yesterday was my youngest daughters 20th birthday….I called her and wished her a happy birthday  but forgot to send her one on facebook as well(kids…they seem to like that kind of thing…lol) well today is the day before my surgery…my nerves are shot to hell and back!!! and to top it off I had to go and get “prepped” for the surgery this morning….the “marking” was not that bad..other than realizing visually where the scars will end up…that was ok…but once I got over to the hospital and had to have a nuclear radioactive dye “injected” yes you read it right…”INJECTED” into my breast…that was not too pleasant..I had already taken a valium..lot of good that did me….I was still nervous and no more calm than a scared rabbit…now I am sitting here waiting the 3 hrs it takes before they can scan me…(the dye is supposed to help locate my sentinel lymph node-which if the cancer spreads to any of my lympho nodes that is the one it would spread to first)…I feel burning 2 hrs later…I think I am just sensitive to ALL pain!! because with all the pain, surgery, being sick I have had over a course of 20 + years, you’d think this was a piece of cake..

I am still anxious about will be here so fast!!. at least I was able to get my room cleaned up last night..I think the spa massage I had gave me an energy boost. I was given a gift card for Philipe’s Spa and Salon…and had the most relaxing therapeutic massage..I look forward to my next one, and believe you me, there will be a next time…lol.

I hope the procedure goes well in the morning, I asked about video taping it, but that was a no go… so I think what I will do is take my own before and after photo for my own personal records..(and no it will not be posted online, I would never post a nude, or semi nude photo…sorry)but I would have posted the video footage because it is done tastefully and I would be covered for the most part. anyway, I do plan to broadcast more live video feeds very soon.

I am a little saddened that for now I won’t be hosting any of my Saturday afternoon radio talk shows on, so I hope that everyone who normally tunes in will still check out the show page for any upcoming shows that I am working on, as I will be working on setting up interviews and show topics… I also am enlisting your help on coming up with a slogan or show jingle for my show “The Real Talk with Tracie Show” …

My new goal is to be the next Oprah of, by this I mean, I want to be known and recognized as the show everyone wants to be on, because they know it will be real talk with no bull shit, and I will do a good job conducting interviews. So I hope you will help me reach and accomplish this goal.

Send me your slogan/jingle ideas to, can include music or no music, but if music is included in the mp3 format make sure it’s not copywrited and if you have a jingle with no music you can still send it in mp3 or wav format it just needs to be something catchy… kind of like the Tom Joyner Morning Show…(oh oh oh it’s the Tom Joyner Morning Show) you know what I mean..

I look forward to hearing and reading your suggestions, I am also enlisting my twitter followers to send me some ideas too. Catch me on under @realtalktracie (what every webpage for me is found under “realtalktracie” except my myspace page which is under “tracieiam”..

Well it’s just about time for me to go back into the dr. appt to have them scan me to make sure the injection did what it was supposed to do…

Oh yeah!!! Pray for me as I gave my daughter my car!!! (just to use) until I am back able to drive again, which most likely will be around Dec. 5th.

So she should be estactically happy and feeling lucky because she is not making the payments I am….she is just using it and putting the gas in it for now…tomorrow I may be updating and broadcasting from my smartphone to update my blog page and ustream video page and facebook page. so check all 3 and twitter too..

Muah!!! love to you all



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