Can you believe this?? A wrong diagnosis!!

I can’t believe my doctor called me today to tell me the pathology report after the masectomy showed I was at stage 1 and invasive cancer!!! now how the hell do you misdiagnosis that!!!?? They told me stage 0 and it was called ductal carcinoma in site tu, which was NON invasive…yet I needed a complete masectomy, and now AFTER I get the masectomy I am told it was STAGE 1 INVASIVE so all this time had it already started to invade my body and if so which part of my body??!!! I am sooo confused !! I am still in alot of pain!!! and just plain ALONE. So how can they be sure this was what I really needed and that all the cancer is gone? I wish I had a significant other to really go thru this with me and help me make sense of all this….I am trying to understand thru the medication and sleeping on and off…..I don’t have anyone who can be here for me , with me, to help me understand or relay what  these doctors say. because inspite of what people think of me….I sometimes need someone to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, (which by the way I still have not been able to do……why is that??!! ) something so serious and so real!!! why am I not able to express my real emotions!! is it because I know I am alone, that I really don’t have anyone who cares (people only care about what they really want to hear about, or what pertains to them) noone really wants to hear about nor talk about your problems or issues unless it is about your problem or issue with them directly…I see and realize that now. Sad thing is I am not that kind of shallow person, I am a real friend. If you need me I am there for you regardless of  whether it pertains to me or not…and I understand not everyone is like that, but it’s sad, and unfortunate and in times like this, it definitely doesn’t help…oh well


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