Happy Thanksgiving World

Happy Thanksgiving world. Today is THE day to be thankful for everything we have. So let me start today’s blog on a positive foot, and try to remain positive til the end. I am thankful for waking up today, which means I am thankful for being alive, which also means I am thankful for making it thru surgery. You never know how much in life we take for granted until a day like today. I am thankful for my children who love and care for me, and my grandbabies who just love me just because I am grandma..lol . I am thankful for the few friends I have who have text or called me to wish me a happy thanksgiving, and offered to bring me a plate. Since I’m not too comfortable being  a burden to anyone, I took it upon myself to contact one of those churches who provide a Thanksgiving meal to those in need and unable to have one, and my daughter went and picked it up for me. Well.. I am thankful I was able to get a dinner for my daughters, grandbabies and myself, but I could have cried because it made me miss being able to cook and provide a home cooked thanksgiving dinner like I normally do. The church only provides the means to eat, but they don’t take the time to season the food nor make sure it will be something you like.

I really love cooking during the holidays, because I am able to establish a tradition for my girls and grandbabies and give them something to look forward to. This year holidays are not going to be that way but I am going to be thankful anyway for all the previous holidays I was able to cook and provide for them.

There I made it to the end, and I managed to stay positive…tomorrow may not be so positive…but the point of this blog is to make sure we are giving thanks and appreciating what we do have instead of what we don’t have.

muah…until next time


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