Life knocks you down, but just get back up again

“Sometimes love comes around…..and it knocks you down, just get back up, when it knocks you down…”

Or so the song goes something like that..(lol) Well, life and love are sometimes tied hand in hand, and so interconnected that you feel they are one and the same. And like the song implys, you do have to find a way to get back up and keep moving, keep living, keep loving…It’s hard I will say that, because you must first determine which aspect or facet it was that really knocked you down to begin with…and it’s hard.

It’s hard because your life can affect your love life and love life affects your life. IF you read one of my last blogs about finding strength or how strong you really are, and you took the little self-survey, then hopefully you were able to put each in it’s proper perspective and separate them. You can live your life and never have loved or found love…but you can’t have  loved or found love without living your life. Funny isn’t it.

I must say that when life knocks you down it feels like love knocking you down, because it’s so draining and mood altering. So what do you do when you are hit with a double whammy??!!

What do you do when both LIFE AND LOVE knock you down at the same time or right behind the other??!! huh?? Because I have been hit with both, and I don’t know how to get back up again….

Anyone have a suggestion??



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