I am so sick of people having an “opinion” on someone else’s life

take my poll on  Celebrities and being perfect. see where you measure with others.

I am so shocked to read how the media and so called fans of celebrities always have an “opinion” on that celebs life.. I wish everyone would stop judging and realize that just because someone is famous or a celebrity does not mean they are above mistakes…They are NOT PERFECT!!! get over it already…

People are only as “perfect” as the media and fans make them out to be. I don’t recall any one celebrity standing up and claiming sudden perfection just because they were well known. IF we as people acknowledge that people are just that… people capable of making mistakes and  more than likely will make many along the way, then the media would not have a story they think is news worthy. Noone seems to take into consideration that there are families involved, innocent people who do not deserve the media all up in their business, and there are reasons that are noone’s business but those truly involved.

For the Tiger Wood issue..I feel for his family and him too. Women are coming out the woodwork for their little 15 minutes of fame. why in the world would you want to broadcast the fact that you knowingly got involved with a married man? Don’t you realize how that makes you look in the eyes of the public?? you tend to make yourself look desperate, insecure, and in need of attention. IF you are involved with a married man knowingly or unknowingly, it’s a private matter, and one that should be guarded for life.

If you found yourself dating a married man who happened to be famous or a celebrity, then you have many ways to look at it: either consider yourself lucky and call it what it is, or ask yourself “why me”?? what vibe did you give off that said you didn’t care enough about yourself nor deserve an available man of your own?

Yes it can be and most certainly is exciting, and flattering, and maybe even somewhat of a thrill, but if you are going to do it knowingly, please keep it to yourself. If you are going to broadcast it, why wait until someone else’s secret is discovered, or why wait until reality hits you that you were not the only one….hell you weren’t the only one when it began..He had a wife 1st…so if anyone has the right to be mad, indignant or otherwise, it’s the wife, not you the other woman on the side. So what if he had 20 other “women on the side” he was NEVER yours to start with, and he had no committment to you, nor any obligation to just cheat with you. You being the other women should have assumed you were NOT THE ONLY ONE from the get go.

IF he could marry a woman, take an oath to that woman, and she wasn’t enough to keep him faithful, why on earth would you think or what makes you think you are any different and so much better??

Yes we all want to feel special and that we are sooo great and all, but in truth we are just people, and accountable for our own actions. Unless you are married to someone, then they have no obligation to be faithful to you.

I plan to talk about this on Saturday during my talk show at 4pm EST. Be sure to tune in and join me 1-646-478-0815 or www.blogtalkradio.com/realtalktracie


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