This is for the steppers of the world

I wanted to stop what I was doing, and write a blog about steppin’….why? because I  often read other’s blogs and I feel so inspired to speak my mind. I just wish all steppers everywhere could and would read this.

I can tell that this steppin’ dance is becoming more and more  popular with people everywhere, and I am happy to see more interest as it’s truly a fun dance. In the city I live in, there are so many people who say they like steppin’ , want to learn it, enjoy watching it, but something seems to hold them back from actually taking that next step to learning it. Now personally I know how frustrating it can be learning the basic foundation of the dance, 123, 456, 78 …yes it takes a minute to get your feet to do what your mouth says, and to snap at the same time on the beat…but with practice it can be done. I also know personally how good it feels to finally get it!!!

I love teaching this dance, the basic foundation and count to both men and women, 1,4,78 for the men, and 123,456,78 for the women and it really is not a gender specific count, it’s more of a whose going to lead count, for the lead position and count, it can be fun, because you have the freedom to do what you want, move the way you want as long as you lead your partner on the beat….and for the follower it can be fun because you have the job of making the dance look good. making it sexy, and making it inviting to those watching it.

I have been doing this for the last 5 years and I have grown so much in this dance. When I am out dancing with someone it’s always fun to me to see the look of surprise and approval from my partner, one because they seem surprised at how “smooth” I am and how “graceful” I make the dance look, and two because I am happy I am able to follow their lead, and add my own footwork in at the same time.

I have travelled to various cities, and been a part of different workshops just to get the hang of it, and see how others are teaching it and dancing the dance. I observe and pick up different moves along the way, especially footwork, and I think I have gotten pretty good at it. I notice how everyone watches as I dance, and I notice also how the ladies really look at my footwork, the men just smile, nod and then try something else….lol

Last time I was at a set in Chicago, one of the guys I was dancing with commented on how soft my hands were…lol and how I wasn’t afraid of the dance.. I thought no way I LOVE this dance!! as for soft hands, uhhh I am a woman and my hands should be soft right??!!

He is a really good stepper, and it was my first real dance with him, so I was pleased with the way I danced, and my ability to follow him. I think he enjoyed the dance with me, but I know I enjoyed that dance…I left the floor smiling and happy. That is what this dance is about and should be about. Having fun, enjoying the dance and leaving the floor with a smile on your face….lol

I am looking forward to my trip to L. A. in January for Martin Luther King Weekend Stepper’s Event. I plan to dance as much as possible, and I am looking forward to some special dances with some friends I made last year when I attended.

What I want to say to all the steppers out there, if you want to learn this dance, don’t let anything stop you. If you want to enjoy this dance, don’t let anyone stop you. You have to get out there, visit different sets, in different cities, and see how it’s done. Take a class if you have to, a workshop or private lesson with a good instructor who is truly trying to teach you the dance, not just trying to take your money or get you in the bed.

Yes it’s a flirty dance, or it can be, but keep it in context with what it’s really about-THE DANCE!!!  I flirt sometimes when I am on the floor dancing, I make sure to give my partner of the moment the best dance experience of the night. I think most of them know by now based on how I conduct myself, that I am just dancing and having fun with it. I am not trying to pick up any men, nor give the impression that I am wanting that kind of attention, because I don’t. What I do want is for them to leave the floor with a smile and come look for me again on another song, so that once again we can get our step on!!!


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