Tiger Woods, Infidelity, the other woman, whose to blame?

Let’s talk about “the other woman”, infidelity, and whose to blame?  I am sick of the media running down “the other woman”….as if she did it all by herself….I am sick of the media running down “the cheating man” as if he is supposed to be “beyond human and perfect”. Who do they think they are to pass judgement on someone else, before even knowing the facts, and as if it’s there business to begin with. When a male celebrity decides to marry a woman, his only responsibility and obligation is to that woman, not the media , not friends, not other family, not even fans… it’s no different than a regular man who is not famous, getting married…he too is only responsible and obligated to that woman. And when a man cheats on his wife, he is only responsible for discussing it with his wife, and the other woman.

I can not believe how the media and fans have passed judgement and played jury regarding Tiger Woods. I don’t ever recall him standing up proclaiming to be PERFECT!!!…The MEDIA AND FANS put the responsibility of being PERFECT on him…and then when he acted human, and made a mistake everyone played judge and jury..

And as for “the other woman”, while morally yes she may have been wrong for getting involved when she knew he was already married….whose to say what he may or may not have told her in order for her to get involved with him? True enough it looks like she was in it for monetary gain, and to have something to hold over his head, but is it really our place to judge when we were not there, we were not a part of any conversation that may or may not have been had between them? I will be talking about this live this Saturday December 12th during my 4pm EST show..if you have a comment or want to voice your opinion be sure to tune in and or call in http://www.blogtalkradio.com/realtalktracie or 1-646-478-0815.


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