Been awhile but I am back on track…this is an update of my status

I made it thru the surgeries…all of them. I am done for now. I am healing and still bruised but getting better each day. I am healing mentally also with some really deep issues I had been struggling with and dealing with for a long time. I seem to have found myself again, and my inner strength to help get me thru those dark days and lonely nights. I hope I don’t sound bitter because I am not bitter at all, I have learned alot, and matured even more than I had before, and now I know I can get thru this game called LIFE!!!

I know I can get thru it by myself, with noone to hold my hand, and noone to stand by my side. All I needed was me all along, and I forgot that somewhere along the way. But I remember now, and I am back on track, focused on ME, ME, ME!!! and if I sound a little selfish, then I probably am..If I sound a little conceited, then I probably am…but you know what I don’t even care anymore..It’s my life and I’ll do as I want to!!

I work hard, I play hard and I love even harder…I have learned to let go, and truly let go!! Letting go was always the hard part for me….but I did it!! I am a free spirited person, I am a spontaneous person, I am a loving person, I am a good person. I am an honest and truthful person. If noone sees this nor recognizes it, then that’s their problem not mine, and I will not own it.. I don’t want to, and I don’t have to.

If it’s not convenient for me, then guess what??!! It’s not working out…and it’s not going to work out until it is. You(whomever “you” are) will have to earn my love, and devotion and work hard to win me over to believe you are what I need in my life…And if I don’t believe it, then it ain’t happenin’….

So get your shit in order, and bring your “A” game!! because this here is that “Top Shelf” stuff..!!!


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