God was just waiting for me to…

I, who chooses to love me first, walks a lonely path in this life. I, who chooses to stay true to self first, prays often to God for my hearts desire. I, who has chosen to keep myself to myself no matter what peers say or think, for I know my God understands my ways, and is smiling down on me. I am ready, and open for the blessings he has in store for me, for the path he has already planned for me to take, I who have chosen to live for God, I who accepted Christ long ago, I who am not perfect nor do I pretend to be, but I who has learned from every experience that I have encountered in my life on my journey down the path God has planned for me, am able to see, understand and recognize the strength that Christ has given me, and know that he was just waiting for me to see it. Lord, my weaknesses are in your grace, my fears are in your hands and my desires are in my prayers. Hear my prayers oh Lord, for I believe and have faith that you will answer them, and give me my true hearts desire. Amen…


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