My Definition of a Good Woman

My Definition of a Good Woman:

A good woman is one who knows her worth first, and who understands the value of a good man. One who has the capacity to love unconditionally but who is also strong enough to not let herself be disrespected or taken advantage of. A good woman is a woman who is intelligent and a conversationalist. She has the ability to talk about anything and everything intelligently and with purpose. She understands what it takes to be a helpmate, she realizes her place in life and in a good man’s life as well. She knows that God put her on this earth, to love, to nurture, to cultivate and to help strengthen, to teach, and to care. To learn, and to understand. A good woman has virtues and thoughts that are pure in spirit and in heart, and she is humble in self. A good woman allows a good man to be the man God intended for him to be, and she does not judge for only God can judge us. A good woman waits her turn to speak, and when she speaks she speaks with confidence and poise, with a soft voice that is as loud as thunder when heard. She does not try to out talk the next person to get her point across, because her point is made by her demeanor and response when it is her turn to speak. My definition of a good woman is me.


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