In My Darkest Hour

In my darkest hours I sit alone.
My mind begins to expand the realms of it’s full thinking capacity and I.. begin to rise up from those dark hours, a queen! in my full birthright I shine.
In my darkest hours I rise up not alone, but with you by my side shining in all your birthright glory. My King.
At that very moment my darkest hours are no more. The light iminates all around, lighting the way, the path to take. Together, we walk hand in hand. Strong.
As we walk, yet our feet don’t touch the ground, because we, are walking, spiritually. Two infinite minds, knowledge abound, never ending circle, for you are me and I am you, together we complete that spiritual oneness, untouchable infinite levels of love.
For “He”, has brought us together, to this point in time, where we must realize our strengths, where we must exercise our carnal restraint, and focus on that higher plane-infinite wisdom, love, acceptance that…you are me and I am you together we complete that spiritual oneness untouchable you, untouchable me, sharing a love that in the carnal can never be, yet so intense….that, I feel your pain, as if you were touching my hand, my cheek. So intense I hear your voice when you speak as it transends over miles , thru time and it makes me weak. My King. But we, must stand strong together, for in the carnal it can never be.
But yet…I am you and you are me, our infinite love makes us lovers for eternity


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