Whatever happened to Real Romance, Chivalry and True Love

I am just sitting here lost in my thoughts so to speak. I often reflect over the past, present and future and the life experiences one encounters during their lifetime. So as you follow this thought with me, think about your own life experiences and your own past, present and future. Have you accomplished all your goals? Are you spending your life regretting or learning? Are you truly happy? Are you sharing your time with a special someone or spending it alone?

I love reading, and thinking. So I often times read anything from fiction to non fiction novels, documentaries and biographies. I can get completely caught up in a really good story. But what I always find myself doing is reflecting on my own life and where I am. I consider myself a happy person, because I have learned to except me for who I am. I am at total peace with me. I am a positive person who trys to live life to the fullest but within my own set boundaries, morals and standards. Some people say it’s not good to have boundaries, but I beg to differ, because without them, we would all be a total mess!!!

The key is to set acceptable boundaries you can honestly live with and live up to. I believe in having balance in my life, so I balance my career/work with my personal life. I work hard and play hard. That’s my balance. I set high goals for myself and never lose sight of those goals, no matter what road I take to get there, believe me, my focus is always clear. I believe God has a plan and path for each of us, and our job is to let God lead us down the path he has planned. Sometimes we may get a little side tracked and step off that path on occasion, but as long as we never lose our real focus, we will find our way back to that path. God is patient.

My one true hearts desire is to meet the man of my dreams, and for us to share our own happiness with the other. Now one may ask, what does the man of my dreams look like? That’s easy. He is tall, handsome, and confident. He has a great sense of humor, and knows how to laugh, and stop and smell the roses from time to time. He has a smile that could win over millions. His voice is smooth, alluring and poised.  His life is full of interesting events, and he has goals he has reached and new ones to begin.
He is financially secure, and has no deep dark skeletons that will come back to hurt our newly begun relationship. He is honest and sincere, and a true gentleman. And most of all he is ready and willing to love. He knows that to truly win over a good woman requires a little effort on his part, because nothing worth having is easy, and he enjoys the challenge.

I speak of the same qualities I have in myself when it comes to being a woman of his dreams.. I know how to love completely and fully. I am honest and sincere. I am a lady at all times, and I have a smile that can win over millions.
I am confident and poised and articulate in my words. I stop and smell the roses all the time, and I love life. I am a bit of a mystery to some, in that I am not your typical woman. I believe a lady should act as such at all times. I laugh, I enjoy fun things, and I travel and I am even laid back, but the way I carry myself is what sets me apart from the next woman. You see I know my self worth, and I know what I can bring to the table in a relationship, and I exude confidence in my ability to bring happiness to another being.

It takes a strong secure man to recognize and not be intimated by my presence. Where is he? I am waiting. I am a romantic at heart, I love surprises, and spontaneity. I love to spoil and I love being spoiled. I never ask for more than I am willing to give in return. 

If you are a single man reading this and can relate to this, maybe we should start a dialogue and see where it can lead us.

I am here…….where are you?


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