Just be Real. Just be Honest..It’s okay.

After a few days of fun,fun, fun and trying new things and much reflection(as only I can do..lol). I am left with alot of thoughts about people in general, and the “why’s” of why do people do the things they do, and say..I really find it hilarious because, these are GROWN people, I am talking about…or at least they want to believe they have matured into being grown. My philosophy is and always has been and will forever be KEEP IT 100.  JUST BE REAL…(that is where I got the name Real Talk Tracie…because I keep it real). Most people seem to think it’s a crime to be honest, or real, when actually they will gain much more respect if they would. No one will be crushed nor broken if you were to be honest with them…Why not be stress free and happy.. I had a chance to observe 2 totally different people, who actually are just the same.. (and that is just HILARIOUS to me!!)

I had a conversation with the opposite sex over the weekend, about women and men and why do women give the “good guys” the hardest time, but will give in to the “thug or bad boy”. I believe women recognize when men are full of shit, and unfortunately if they happen to really be attracted to the one who is full of it or really like them, they may just give up and say what the heck!! and adapt the “it is what it is” rationalization and give in to him very quickly..BUT when the “good guy” truly does come along who really is a “good guy” not on any b.s., she will tend to make him work hard to win her over, because she sees that it could lead to a real relationship so she wants to go about doing things the right way, and have his utmost respect in the process. One friend, said he thought that a woman should just be herself no matter what, and if she wanted to take it to the next level whether or not it lead to anything more, that she should just do what she feels, because in life everyone gets hurt, or learns from mistakes.  I thought that was spoken like a true male.

I also had another kind of conversation with someone of the opposite sex, about relationships somewhat, and just about getting to know someone better, but the thing with this conversation is that it seems like they were for whatever reason trying to feel me out, and then when they saw that I am ” a real woman”, I am an “honest woman” I keep it 100, and I am not afraid to speak what is on my mind, they retreated, and ran to hide. hilarious!! and men wonder why some women play games instead of keeping it real?

I choose to not play games because I have  confidence in me..I know what I am worth, I know what I bring, I know what I want, and I know who I am. I make no apologies for that..I always have said it takes a “real man” to recognize a “real woman” and to not be afraid of that. I am not easily impressed by men, because I can always tell when a guy is really on one or not. I tell people be sure you want to know the answer when you ask me a question..point in case, my one male friend, asked me what I was thinking over the weekend while hanging out…..and I looked at him in the eye and said I should keep it to myself, but since you asked, I think you are full of shit!!!…

well ….he did ask what I was thinking, and at that moment that was what I was thinking…had a ball, had fun yada yada yada, but when I look at him as a person outside of having fun and hanging out…I think he’s  full of shit!!. and thus he will forever most likely be in the “Friend zone”, nothing more nothing less. period. It took him by surprise that I would be that real and that blunt, but he had to admit, that with me, you will always know where you stand.. Just being real, just being honest.

As for other people who seem confused about what they want, or about me,….Ask or keep it moving, because I will.

and I am. I don’t really want to be drawn into someone else’s confusion, or uncertainty about me. I know me better than anyone, and I will always tell you the truth about me. So to that person I say this: “it would have been nice, it could have been great, you seem like a great person and all, BUT you also seem to lack the ability to just be real, just be honest.. It’s okay.

Talk to me when you can just be real, just be honest, really it’s okay. My life is and will continue to be good with or without you in it. yeah I gotta big ego….I talk like this because I can back it up. (ijs)


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