Whatever Happened to Real Romance, Chivalry, and True Love

I am sitting here just lost in my thoughts so to speak.. I often times reflect on life, past, present and future, and all the life experiences once encounters during a lifetime. So as you follow along this thought I am having, think of your own life experiences past and present and try to see where your future is going. Are you where you want to be in life? Have you completed all the goals you set for yourself? Are you truly happy with your current life? Are you sharing your life with that special someone?

Am I the only one on this earth left that still believes in real romance, chivalry and true love? I believe it exist because I have experienced it in my life, so I believe it’s possible to experience it again. at least I sure hope so.

Real romance starts within you. You have to be able to know the difference, know what makes a situation romantic and be capable of doing what it takes. True Love is inside of you when you truly love yourself. If you don’t know how to love you, how can expect someone else to ? Chivalry lives in the hearts of every woman (it’s what we long for) and in the minds of every man(it’s what he tries so hard to forget).

I choose to wait for all 3.


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