A real friend is. ..

Seems as the years go by, people either forget or just don’t want to be a real true friend.
This blog is a vent as well as a guide for those fake fair weather wanna be’s.
If you initiate a contact or dialog with someone you “think” you want to be friends with. . be adult enough to either see it thru or let that person know what happened. . As a real woman, who has no problem telling it like it is and accepting someone else’s decisions, opinions and or thoughts…I must say, men are notorious for being confused as well as confusing a woman. .
When you ask a question be adult enough to handle the answer. . nothing worse than being fake and frontin’ like you real, and like you want to be friends with someone, and too freakin’ scared to admit when you are called out on it that you don’t.  It won’t hurt our feelings if you are honest with us. 
I recently conducted an experiment on a guy who talked a good game, but when he was called on it, he buckled. . lol.  It’s funny because I look at him as a joke now. .I could be wrong but based on my experiment I’m pretty certain I’m right.  Fake ass, wannabe ….
If conversation gets too deep for you, just say, hold on Let me put my big boy boots on. . and man up. .
You say, maybe I’m too hard on men. ..lol but in truth maybe you were just too intimidated by my realness.
Why would I want to settle or lower my standards for someone who hasn’t gotten himself to where he needs to be or should be??  And you come across as if you secure, confident and can handle it. You want to be a man in a relationship, but you can’t even be a man in a friendship first. . really??!!!
Okay now that I put that ass on blast(because you know who you are) and finished venting, let me tell you what a real friend is.
A real friend, cares enough to listen, to talk, to understand or at the very least try to understand one’s ways.  A real friend never lies, fronts, or fakes because they know they don’t have to, because they are accepted for who they are. A real friend is not afraid to say what they feel or think, because friends can do that without fear of rejection, or being shunned. A real friend will always tell you what you need to hear, and not just what you want to know. A real friend doesn’t play games of the mind or heart.. a real friend weathers the good the bad and the ugly that life throws your way. A real friend is rare to find, and even harder to get rid of. . because when a friend is a real friend they stick by you. . No matter what.  Yes real friends have their ups and downs, they have times when they may not speak due to life circumstances. .. but they always find a way to just reach out and say hey, how are you? Hope all is well with you, was just thinking about you.  With today’s modernized electronicized friendships and ways to communicate,  a simple text or email will do. A real friend never intentionally uses you for selfish gain. 
A real friend knows how to apologize and say they are sorry when they have obviously hurt your feelings, or when miscommunication occurs. .
I’m just saying a real friend is tried and true. Now. . what kind of friend are you??


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