Mentalgasm. Do you know what this is and means? It’s what I look for, long for, and crave. It’s the thing that gets me going and what keeps my attention. Let me explain. I am stimulated mentally by conversation, and it’s how I am able to connect and relate to a person. When that conversation takes me “there”, I know I have just had a mentalgasm..It’s like an orgasm except its a mental satisfaction, an elated hightened awareness.

A mentalgasm happens for me when I have had the best conversation with someone, where we lose track of time, and are finding ourselves, laughing, and just conversing back and forth about everything, with no hangups, no holding back on thoughts. You are able to say what you want and not apologize for it..It’s when two people connect and relate on a mental level, and it leaves you feeling happy and satisfied. It stimulates and teases me, unintentionally, it’s flirting without flirting. Its one of the best feelings in the world for me. At times it’s even better than sex.

And tonight I had a mentalgasm…WOW!!!!! It was great!!!



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