A Brand New Kind of Me

Starting in 2010 to present I began to learn more and more about myself. I found out things about me like how strong a person I really was to wow I can say anything that pops into my mind without a second thought.
It’s funny how years ago I felt shy, insecure, and afraid to speak up for fear of losing someone I was dating, or for fear that a so-called friend would stop being my friend. I have to laugh now, because it took a major life altering event like breast cancer to make me come “full circle”. And I do mean full circle.

Today I am a very strong minded, accomplished, hard working and determined person. I try to go after what I want and never let a “no” stop me from moving on to the next thing. I am a much more positive and happy person today than I have ever been in my life. I know now what I want and don’t want in a companion, and I have real standards that I stick to, and morals that I will not change for anyone. I have always been a genuine friend and that core trait still remains today. This is my life and I choose to share aspects of it with you..

full body shot of me001

2012-07-24 14.50.56

new me 2013



2012-09-26 13.50.29



2013-08-25 10.16.22-1

2013-08-25 10.08.40



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