About Real Talk Tracie

Hi. I am Real Talk Tracie, one of the realest, hardest women I know. I have been given a 2nd chance at life, as I am a breast cancer survivor. I wear that honor with pride. I thank God for knowing that I still have much to do on this earth. I am a writer, and an online radio talkshow host, who took a long hiatus when I was diagnosed with cancer. It caused me to soul search, and come out of it with a new since of life, and a greater appreciation of this life.
Who is Tracie?? I am a woman who speaks her mind 100% of the time, and I am strong in love, in faith, in understanding. I am a funny comedian at times, and a devoted loving and caring mother of 2, grandmother of 7. And, as you have probably figured out by now,…I am older than I look. Yes, God has been very very good to me.

I love to laugh, and enjoy all that this life has to offer. I work full time, I travel, I ride a motorcycle, and I write. I am honest to a fault, and my morals and values rarely falter. I am human so I am not without mistakes and imperfections, but the difference is I learned from them, and embraced me. I love me 100%, and I love my family. I have a very compassionate soul as well.
My goal is to get back to my talk show, in the near future, and since I am always working on something, I can only say “stay tuned” subscribe to my blog, and always feel free to post your thoughts or ideas.


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