Life experiences..the good..

Life is all about choices, lessons, experiences, and growth. 

In life as we grow up, we all go through stages..First is the learning stage, then the trial and error stage, then the stage of choice, then comes experience, then the lesson and finally growth..I’ll explain what I mean shortly. I’m a very analytical observant person. I think and sometimes over think things. I watched and weigh the consequences of actions, my own and of others.  

I can recall early in my childhood learning simple things like reading, riding a bicycle,  learning to roller skate,  how to draw, just simple things. These simple things after much trial and error of trying to do them on my own without help,  the way I had learned, taught me patience and to never give up trying. As I got older, the choices I would make, gave me my I independence, creating life experiences at the same time. For every experience I went through, a lesson was in there somewhere waiting for me to connect the dots. Once that lesson was realized, it allowed me to grow, to develop wisdom. Witt the wisdom came more self growth making me the person I am today.